Faith is everything.  There's no problem that can't be solved when your faith is activated.  These alluring pieces are the perfect reminder of your faith and commitment to good health, good fortune and happiness.
Onyx BraceletKing of Kings Onyx Bracelet
Gunmetal Empath NecklaceGunmetal Empath Necklace
Silver Empath NecklaceSilver Empath Necklace
Gold Empath with Cross NecklaceGold Empath with Cross Necklace
Amazonite Dove NecklaceAmazonite Dove Necklace
Adore - Rose Quartz & Cross NecklaceAdore - Rose Quartz & Cross Necklace
Faith Onyx Beaded NecklaceFaith Onyx Beaded Necklace
Unakite NecklaceAngel's Vision Unakite Necklace
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