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The Power of Faith and Perseverance: A Journey of Creation and Resilience

Starting with a Vision

Four years ago, I embarked on a remarkable journey that transcended the traditional bounds of a business venture. It began as a manifestation of a vision, a vision deeply rooted in passion, creativity, and the transformative healing power of stones. This endeavor was never solely about selling jewelry; it's always been about crafting something transcendent, something that resonates with the soul, speaking to those who seek more than just adornment but a connection to the essence of artistry and healing.

I've openly shared the trauma that propelled me on this path, but what many might not know is that at my core, I am a creative spirit. This innate creativity has been a guiding force throughout my life. As a child, I found joy and expression in building a dollhouse out of cardboard, showcasing an early inclination towards imaginative creation. This creative flair blossomed further during my teenage years, exemplified by a unique, artfully designed aluminum foil robot costume for Halloween – a testament to my ability to transform simple materials into a statement of art and innovation.

My journey with Faith2Felicity is more than a business; it's a continuation of this lifelong passion for creative expression. This passion has found its way into every aspect of my life, from home decor to fashion, constantly fueling my desire to create and innovate. At Faith2Felicity, every piece of jewelry is not just an accessory; it's a piece of art, a fragment of a story, and a symbol of the enduring power of creativity and healing. Join us in celebrating this journey, where every creation is a reflection of a soul deeply connected to the arts and the transformative power of beauty.

The Joy of Creation

In the beginning stages of Faith2Felicity, the joy of creation was the cornerstone of our journey. It was a playground where colors, textures, and materials mingled to speak a unique language of beauty. Stones, metals, and leathers were not mere materials; they were the alphabets that composed this language, each piece of jewelry representing a story, a work of art that emerged from a blend of imagination and love.

When it comes to creating gemstone bracelets, the approach might seem straightforward at first glance. However, at Faith2Felicity, we believe in adding an extra layer of sizzle and flair. This is where the magic of 'bling' comes into play. Bling, in our creations, is more than just an embellishment; it's a statement. It's an element that people might have mixed feelings about, but deep down, there's an almost universal appeal to a bit of sparkle that radiates confidence and allure.

In my search for jewelry that resonated with my needs, I found a gap in the market. Most gemstone bracelets leaned towards an organic, earthy feel – appealing for many, but not aligning with my vision of stand-out pieces. I wanted Faith2Felicity's creations to be distinctive. Our bracelets are multifunctional, not just in style but in essence. Some are embellished with crosses, offering a sense of protection and spiritual grounding. Others feature words of encouragement, serving as daily reminders of strength and positivity.

Then, there are those pieces that encapsulate the essence of what I now fondly call 'BohoGlam' – a blend of bohemian ease with a touch of glamour. This unique style characterizes Faith2Felicity's identity, making each piece not just an accessory, but a personal statement for the wearer.

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Transition to Retail

As the vision of Faith2Felicity took shape and evolved, our focus gradually shifted from the digital realm of e-commerce to the tangible world of a brick-and-mortar store. This transition, while essential for our growth, brought with it a unique set of challenges. The pressing need to ensure the store's profitability and smooth operation soon became our primary focus. In this process, the initial spark of creative joy that had been the heart of Faith2Felicity began to dim, overshadowed by the weighty responsibilities of running a physical business.

Interestingly, had our e-commerce venture been more successful initially, the idea of opening a retail store might never have crossed my mind. But here we are, navigating the complex waters of omni-channel sales, a common trajectory for modern businesses. E-commerce, contrary to popular belief, involves a complex and time-consuming process. For each item, we need to take high-quality photos, craft compelling product descriptions, organize model shoots, and then actively promote these on various social media platforms.

This extensive process consumes a significant amount of time, a resource that has become increasingly scarce over the past year. Running an e-commerce platform is not just about listing products; it's about creating a virtual experience that resonates with customers, similar to what they would encounter in a physical store. Balancing this with the day-to-day operations of our brick-and-mortar store has been a learning curve, teaching us about the nuances of different sales channels and the importance of adapting to the ever-changing retail landscape.  

Through this journey, Faith2Felicity has not only grown as a brand but also adapted to the evolving dynamics of retail, learning to find a balance between the digital and physical realms of business.

The Healing Aspect

Amidst the evolution of Faith2Felicity, the healing aspect of the stones we use has remained a constant source of inspiration and empowerment. Each stone, with its unique properties, infuses our jewelry with more than just aesthetic appeal – they are symbols of healing, positivity, and hope. Throughout this journey, five stones, in particular, have been steadfast companions by my side.

First is Labradorite, a mesmerizing stone that supported my transition to entrepreneurship. It is celebrated for enhancing mental sharpness, intellect,intuition, and originality.

a blue and black rock








The second stone, Pyrite, resonates deeply with me. Its energy aligns with mine, known for bolstering memory, sparking energy, and fostering leadership qualities. Most importantly, it helps repel negativity.

a close-up of a rock

Next, there’s Fluorite, a stone I sometimes feel I can't do without. Its ability to aid concentration is invaluable. Rainbow Fluorite, with its stunning shades of blue, green, purple, and yellow, is excellent for focusing the mind on complex tasks. It’s a highly protective stone that sharpens intuition, particularly against ill-willed individuals or undue mental influence. Its protective qualities extend to guarding against EMF stressors, a significant benefit as I spend considerable time at my computer.

a blue and white rock

Dalmatian Jasper has always been a favorite due to its playful spotted appearance. It’s not just fun to design with; its properties are believed to reconnect us with our playful nature and are beneficial in overcoming depression, nightmares, and negative thinking.

a small spotted rock with a white background

Lastly, Selenite, though not used in my jewelry designs, plays a crucial role in safeguarding my spaces from negative energy. I keep small pieces over each entryway and room door in my house.

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These stones, coupled with daily affirmations and prayers, are essential in maintaining a high vibration necessary for excelling in business. They are not just materials for creating jewelry; they are integral to the essence of Faith2Felicity, supporting both my personal and professional growth.

Returning to Roots

As Faith2Felicity marks its 4th anniversary, it feels like a journey that has come full circle. Reflecting on the early days, there were challenges, like meticulously assembling the right social media team and grappling with the complexities of e-commerce during the pandemic. Frustrated with the virtual world, I made a decisive shift away from social media, opting instead for the tangible appeal of a physical store. But now, we're making a comeback to the digital realm, armed with new strategies and bolstered by a supportive community.

This return to social media isn't just a re-entry; it's a reinvention of our approach. In the past, our focus might have been predominantly on sales, but now, our perspective has shifted. We aim to cultivate connections, foster a community, and, most importantly, infuse fun into our interactions. This isn't just about transactions; it's about building relationships and sharing our passion.

The decision to initially pivot away from social media and embrace the physicality of a brick-and-mortar store has been a significant chapter in our story. It speaks of resilience, continuous learning, and growth. As we re-engage with social media, I'm embracing it with a learner's mindset. This time around, I am determined not to let the challenges of the digital world overwhelm me. Instead, I see it as an opportunity to extend our community, share our journey, and bring more people into the world of Faith2Felicity. This renewed approach signifies not just a business strategy, but an evolution in our brand's narrative.

Celebrating 4 Years with a Special Collection

To celebrate the significant milestone of our 4th anniversary, we at Faith2Felicity are thrilled to unveil a special collection that has been a labor of love for over a year. This collection, a true embodiment of my passion for glitz and glam, is designed to elevate everyday moments. Whether it's a grand evening gala or a casual happy hour, our jewelry is crafted to add a touch of elegance and joy to every occasion. Close to my heart, this collection marks a return to our roots – the sheer joy of creation. Expect to see pieces that radiate elegance and playfulness, not just as jewelry, but as personal statements of style and individuality.

But that's not all. In addition to this stunning jewelry collection, we are expanding our offerings to include a range of products that resonate with our ethos of beauty and self-expression. Our customers can now indulge in affirmation fashion featuring empowering sayings like "Won't He Do It" and "Pretty Girls Pray". These pieces are not just about style; they're about making a statement and embracing one's identity.

We're also introducing a line of candles and bath & body products, perfect for those who love to pamper themselves with a refreshing spa-like experience at home. Our burgeoning home accessory division is beginning to take shape with unique items like crystal wine openers and coasters, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Moreover, we are excited about the upcoming release of our popular conversation game "Really", which will be hitting our stores in late February. This game is more than just entertainment; it's a way to foster community and connection, values that are at the core of Faith2Felicity.

And there's so much more in store. As we continue to build on the pillar of community, we are committed to bringing our customers not just products, but experiences that enrich, inspire, and bring joy. Join us in this celebration and discover the world of Faith2Felicity – where every piece tells a story and every product is a journey.

Stay Connected

Stay connected with us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter for the latest updates on our unique creations and inspiring stories. As we navigate this path of beauty, resilience, and growth, your presence in our journey is invaluable. I extend a heartfelt invitation to everyone who's been a part of my life - from my family and friends in Hampton & Newport News, VA, to my schoolmates in East Orange & Newark, NJ, and to my fellow Navy veterans and shipmates across the globe. To the incredible entrepreneurs and government employees I've encountered, I welcome you all to be a part of this adventure. Your support has been a cornerstone of this journey, and I am deeply honored to have you with us as we continue to grow and thrive.

Looking Forward

As we step into the future, the mantra remains: We shall excel, we shall be profitable. And come next year, we will look back with pride and say, "Won't He Do It." This journey is not just about building a successful business; it's about building a legacy of faith, creativity, and perseverance.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Here's to many more years of Faith2Felicity!