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Our extraordinary journey began in 2018 when the visionary Toni Tomlin embarked on a profound quest to heal her wounded soul. Life had thrown her into a pit of despair, entwined with crippling anxiety, after a series of heart-wrenching experiences left her shattered. In the depths of her despair, she turned to an n unconventional blend of prayer, harnessing the energy healing properties of crystals, and the power of positive affirmations. These became the cornerstone of her mission to unite her mind, body, and spirit.

However, it was the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic that inspired Toni to embark on a journey filled with compassion and a newfound sense of purpose. As Toni observed the world grappling with uncertainty, she transformed her own worries and cares into something truly heartwarming. For her cherished family and friends, she lovingly handcrafted bracelets, each one carrying her heartfelt prayers for their well-being and safety. It was a beautiful gesture of love that shone brightly in the midst of those trying times.s.

But Toni's path was destined to reach far beyond her close-knit circle of loved ones. As the world began to emerge from the clutches of the pandemic, Toni embarked on a heartwarming journey that brought her creations to the streets. Setting up shop at local pop-up events, she discovered an irresistible pull towards the people she encountered, forging genuine connections that went beyond mere business transactions. Among these kindred spirits were many who carried the heavy burden of anxiety and depression, their souls bearing the scars of the pandemic's aftermath. Some were curious about the enigmatic world of crystals, while others simply yearned for a friendly ear to confide in.

Being the empathetic soul she was, Toni couldn't resist the inner urging to make an even greater impact. It was within these deeply moving connections that the seeds of her heartfelt dream began to find fertile ground. In a mere blink of an eye, less than a year from the launch of the Faith2Felicity website in 2020, Toni embarked on a courageous journey. With unwavering determination, she dared to dream big and unveiled the Crystal Café by Faith2Felicity—an audacious endeavor that left many raising eyebrows. After all, who in their right mind opens a brick-and-mortar store in an age when everyone seems glued to their screens?

With an unshakeable faith and a heart illuminated by unwavering determination, Toni triumphed against all odds. She wasn't backed by a traditional bank loan but instead carried the fruits of her victorious journey in a Project Opportunity Pitch Competition, a generous grant from Prince's George's County, and her diligent savings. Together with her devoted family, they embarked on a truly remarkable transformation, breathing new life into a once-slumbering 1,100 square-foot space nestled in the heart of the National Harbor.

This is not just a story of one woman's journey—it's a tale of resilience, compassion, and unwavering belief. TToni's journey, illuminated by the transformative energy healing of crystals and guided by her unwavering faith, has reached out to countless lives, providing solace to those in need and crafting a sanctuary of hope.The Crystal Café by Faith2Felicity stands as a testament to the incredible power of one person's vision to heal, inspire, and unite a community, one crystal at a time.

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Learn About Our Why

Learn About Our Why


"I love my bracelet! Everything from the delivery to actually wearing this piece shows quality and excellence in Faith2Felicity's products. I look forward to getting more jewelry in the near future!"

Kimberly W.

I absolutely love my new Obsidian and Labradorite bracelets from Faith2Felicity. My bracelets signifies purification and transformation. I will definitely be purchasing more product from Faith2Felicity. It serves as the perfect gift item. Thank you Faith2Felicity.

Dwayne C.

“Your jewelry is breathtaking. It is a spiritual retreat in a bracelet or necklace!!”

Debra B.

Thank you for your help! I absolutely LOVE my bracelet(s)!!! I have gotten several. They are addictive. The Customer Service is great too...

Chris C.

Thanks for the lovely time shopping and all the good work you do.

Nancy W. , California