About Our Founder

Toni H. Tomlin, Founder/CEO        

Talk about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps! 

Growing up in a humble, single-parent household, Toni watched her mother work 2 -3 jobs at a time to afford the basic needs for her and her sister, often coming home too exhausted for a quality of life.  This instilled in her a sense of independence, a strong work ethic and the value of home and family. 

Determined to be a well-rounded woman, Toni joined the Navy traveling the globe and soaking up knowledge of culture and human relations like a sponge.  After her 20-year career in the Navy, she established herself as a respected senior manager with a vast background in Human Capital Management and expertise in Strategic Workforce Planning, when in 2015 tragedy struck, and she unexpectedly suddenly lost her mother. 

Sadly, while grieving her mother, her 17-year-old son was in a near-death accident in his senior year of high school with eerily similar circumstances of her mother’s passing. This threw Toni into a deep dark tailspin of grief, depression, and anxiety with sparks of PTSD.

After seeking help from various doctors for the flurry of issues she faced proved futile, Toni learned about Reiki healing and went in for a session.  Immediately after the session, she felt comfortable enough to share her story with the Reiki practitioner who then mentioned how crystals could help.  Then she gave Toni an amethyst crystal as a token. 

Over the course of next few days, using a powerful combination of prayer, mindfulness and the crystal from the Reiki healer, Toni felt a slow but steady release of anxiety and emotional weight that previously consumed her.  At that moment, Toni was compelled to use this discipline to support her wellness and sought every opportunity to learn more about the healing properties of crystals.  

Armed with this new knowledge, she shopped for crystal jewelry to support healing deep emotional wounds. However, there were very few pieces that represented her style and sense of fashion. Toni researched and learned how to make jewelry herself, and that’s when the fashionista entrepreneur emerged!

Then came COVID-19.  The early uncertainty and misunderstanding about the virus caused many people to panic but for Toni, it triggered the pain of mourning the loss of her mother.  But she was also reminded of the power of faith that allowed her son walk across the stage to get his diploma less than 6 months after his accident. 

So, in the spirt of faith, she made her sister a bracelet and mailed it to her to convey her prayer for her health and safety during the pandemic.  Unsure if it was the note in the package, or the energy and intention infused in the hand-crafted bracelet (or a combination of both), her sister’s emotional response was reassuring.   

Soon afterwards, Toni was gifting beautiful hand-made crystal jewelry to more of her family and friends, all with the hope that they would activate the intention of protection and safety once they received her gift.  Eventually, the chorus of “This is a business!” from her friends and family took hold in Toni’s mind, and Faith to Felicity, LLC was born.

Toni H. Tomlin is on a mission to help others by creating an array of beautifully unique jewelry that conveys the strength, courage, and conviction she that fueled her journey to wellness after fighting through adversity.  She is a multi-faceted woman of faith, mom, wife, Navy veteran, and savvy entrepreneur from East Orange, NJ.  This unassuming phenom of strength takes life by the horns and forges her path forward, going where few others dare. 

Amazingly enough, she does it well.