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Toni H. Tomlin, Founder/CEO
Toni H. Tomlin, Founder/CEO

Like many, I grew up in a single-parent household. My mother was the center of my world and the model of strength, beauty, compassion and drive. She worked multiple shifts and multiple jobs to make sure that my sister and I were a little more than ok.

Raised in inner-city NJ, I graduated and started college. Inner-city life in the late 80's was not meant for sustainment, so with my mom's encouragement, I left college and joined the military. It was the Navy, that I excelled into the woman who my mother knew I was.

I had a successful 20-year career and in a way my mom served too! She moved with my husband and I to three different states to make sure my three little boys did not miss me as much when I was on deployment. When I got divorced, mom was right there beside us.

In 2016, I unexpectedly lost my mom. We were devastated! To make matters more intense, 18 months later, my 17-year-old son was stuck by a car while crossing the street.

My oldest son and I took shifts at the hospital as my middle son went through surgeries and therapy to walk again, while my youngest son was at home finishing up the school year. When I was not at the hospital, I was home cooking for my 16 yo. My fiancé (now husband) was a tremendous support for all of us. He was flexible enough to transport, pick up dinner or whatever was needed at a moment's notice. I prayed for my son's recovery every waking moment and I was exhausted.

Through God's grace, my son recovered and walked across the stage to receive his high school diploma with his classmates later that year. Even though we were still missing mom, my family pulled together and we are stronger than ever. In 2018, I remarried, we built a new home, and all seemed well. My faith carried me through.

But that's when I fell apart. Anxiety and deep depression took hold. After more than 20 visits to the ER in less than 6 months with no diagnosis, I realized that I was losing it. Even though I was praying, my mind, body and spirit were out of sync.

One day, I stumbled on a series of videos about energy healing, the chakra system and reiki. With nothing to lose, I and went in for a reiki session. The experience touched my soul in a way I had not experienced before. At that point, I began a quest for knowledge and found myself on the path to healing.

Through a routine that included prayer, affirmations, and mediation, I began to lift from the darkness. Along the way, I found inner peace and the positive energy to overcome the trauma that had once consumed my soul and to live the life that God intended. I made jewelry with crystals as a visible reminder to support my affirmations.

As a result of my journey, I created Faith 2 Felicity to support others to gain the strength, courage, and conviction on their path to wellness while fighting through adversity.

I create beautiful energy infused inspirational jewelry for spiritual people who believe in the power and spirit of Faith.

"Faith is a precious gift from our creator to help us find our inner strength when all seems lost; when our souls are weakened and when our spirit is broken.  It is through faith that we can find the road to wellness and happiness."