Aura Photography

Welcome to Faith2Felicity's Crystal Cafe, where we offer a unique journey into the world of Aura Photography. Your aura, a personal energy field radiating with colors unseen by the naked eye, is a profound reflection of your inner self. It's the essence of your presence in the magnificent tapestry of the universe. Join us in uncovering the colors of your soul and understanding the vibes you emit to the world around you.

What is Aura Photography?

Aura Photography is an extraordinary experience that allows you to visualize the energy you are contributing to the universe. Using a specialized analog camera, we capture the vibrant spectrum of colors that make up your aura. This revealing process provides not just a visual delight but also profound insights pertinent to your current life phase, offering guidance and clarity.


How Our Aura Photography Works

Understanding Aura Cameras & Aura Photo Benefits At Faith2Felicity's Crystal Cafe, we utilize the state-of-the-art AuraCloud 3D system, an interactive aura imaging technology that melds aura-energy principles, color analysis, and chakra knowledge. This advanced system provides a fascinating and insightful glimpse into your personal energy field.

Built upon extensive research and understanding of auras, the AuraCloud 3D is not just a camera; it's a multimedia, computer-based system that interprets your aura and chakras using sophisticated algorithms. This technology allows us to provide you with an accurate and visually stunning depiction of your aura.

How It Works: A Simple Three-Step Process

  1. Sit in Front of the Aura Camera: Begin your session by sitting comfortably in front of our aura camera. This positioning allows the camera to capture your image accurately while you interact with the sensor.
  2. Place Your Hand on the Sensor: Gently rest your hand on the sensor. This is a critical step where the AuraCloud 3D camera collects essential data from your hand's energy field.
  3. View Your Aura Image on the Screen: Your aura image, along with the chakras, will be displayed on the screen in real-time. This visualization not only shows the vibrant colors of your aura but also how they fluctuate and change, offering a dynamic view of your energetic state.

Post-Session: Detailed Reports After completing this simple process, you will receive printed reports. These high-quality reports are available in multiple languages and offer a 22-page detailed analysis of your aura and chakras, providing profound insights into your energy levels, emotional and spiritual balance.

Our Exclusive Aura Photography Packages:

  1. Essential Aura Photography 
    • Price: $40
    • Includes:
      • A personalized Aura Photography session.
      • A comprehensive 22-page report detailing your energetic levels, chakra balance, and the emotional and spiritual significances of your aura colors.
      • Insights into how your aura influences your interactions and connections with others.
    • Ideal for: Those seeking to gain a deeper understanding of their energetic presence and how it aligns with their current life path.
  2. The Aura Harmony Package
    • Price: $60
    • Includes:
      • Everything in the Essential Aura Experience.
      • A custom bracelet, designed to resonate with your aura’s unique frequencies, serving as a tangible reminder of your spiritual and energetic journey.
    • Ideal for: Individuals looking to not only explore their aura but also carry a piece of their energy essence with them through a beautifully crafted bracelet.

Why Choose Aura Photography?

Your aura is a dynamic and vivid expression of how you fit into the grand universe. It's what attracts or repels people and opportunities towards you. By understanding your aura, you can gain invaluable insights into your personal growth, emotional wellbeing, and spiritual path. Our readings offer a mirror to your soul, helping you see the true colors of your energy and guiding you towards a path of self-awareness and alignment.

Embark on this enlightening journey and uncover the secrets of your aura at Faith2Felicity's Crystal Cafe. Select from our tailored packages and let us guide you towards a deeper understanding of your place in the universe. Your journey to self-discovery and inner guidance awaits.

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