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Elevate your next gathering with our exclusive Onsite Sip and String Jewelry Making Private Parties, meticulously designed for up to 25 guests. As a world-renowned party planner specializing in creating unforgettable moments, we bring the magic of jewelry making directly to your chosen venue, offering a seamless blend of creativity, bonding, and sophistication.

To offer a more flexible and accommodating pricing structure for our Onsite Sip and String Jewelry Making Private Parties, we've developed a tiered pricing system that offers reduced rates per person based on the number of participants. This approach ensures that larger groups can enjoy a more cost-effective experience, making it an ideal option for both private gatherings and corporate team-building events.

Tiered Pricing Structure

  • 10-15 Guests: $50 per person
    • Delight in the crafting experience with a choice of premium natural gemstones, including Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Tiger's Eye, alongside sweet treats and a selection of champagne or sparkling cider.
  • 16-20 Guests: $45 per person

    • Enjoy all the benefits of the deluxe crafting experience with our premium natural gemstones at a reduced rate, perfect for medium-sized gatherings seeking a unique and meaningful activity.

  • 21-25 Guests: $40 per person

    • Our best value option, tailored for larger groups, offering the full Sip and String experience with premium natural gemstones at the most competitive rate.

Additional Pricing Details

  • Travel Fee: A flat travel fee of $50 applies for locations within 25 miles of the Washington DC metro area. For venues outside this radius, a custom travel fee will be calculated based on distance.

Corporate Team Building Special Rates

For corporate team-building events, we offer special rates and packages tailored to your company's size and needs. Incorporating customized team-building activities and optional branding on the created jewelry, our corporate sessions are designed to enhance teamwork and creativity in a relaxed, fun environment.

  • Corporate Rate for 10-25 Guests: Please contact us for a custom quote that matches your specific team-building requirements and group size.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Booking and Preparation
Q: How far in advance should we book an Onsite Sip and String Party?
A: We recommend booking at least 4 weeks in advance to ensure your preferred date is available.

Q: Is a deposit required to book a Sip and String party?
A: Yes, a 25% deposit is required at the time of reservation to secure your date. The remainder is 72 hours prior to day of the event.

Customization and Accommodations
Q: Can we customize the selection of natural gemstones for our party?
A: Absolutely! We offer customization options to ensure the selection perfectly matches your event's theme or preferences.

Q: Are non-alcoholic options available for refreshments?
A: Yes, we provide a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, including sparkling cider, to accommodate all guests.

Q: How do we handle allergies or dietary restrictions for the sweet treats?
A: Please inform us of any dietary needs when booking, and we will ensure to accommodate your requirements.

Event Details
Q: What types of events are suitable for a Sip and String party?
A: Our parties are perfect for a wide range of occasions, including birthdays, bachelorette and bridal showers, corporate events, friendship gatherings, family reunions, and holiday celebrations.

Q: Do you offer special sessions for baby showers?
A: Yes, we have tailored sessions for baby showers, allowing guests to create meaningful pieces for the expectant mother or as keepsakes.

Q: Is there a minimum number of guests required for an onsite party?
A: We design our parties for up to 25 guests, with a recommended minimum of 10 participants for the best experience.

Q: What is the duration of a Sip and String Party?
A: Parties last approximately 2 to 3 hours, providing ample time for crafting, socializing, and enjoying refreshments.

Q: Do guests get to keep their creations?
A: Yes, each guest will leave with their personalized handcrafted jewelry piece.

Pricing and Policies
Q: Can we get a discount for booking multiple events?
A: Yes, we offer discounts for clients booking multiple sessions or recurring events.

Q: Is the reduced pricing available for any type of event?
A: Our tiered pricing structure applies to both private and corporate team-building events, ensuring a cost-effective experience for all group sizes.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: Deposits are fully refundable for cancellations made more than 14 days before the event. Cancellations within 14 days will result in the deposit's forfeiture.

Q: Can we extend the duration of the Sip and String party?
A: Extensions can be accommodated based on availability, with additional fees for extended time and services.

Travel and Location
Q: What if our venue is outside the 25-mile radius?
A: We accommodate parties outside our standard radius with an adjusted travel fee. Contact us for a custom quote.

Corporate and Group Benefits
Q: Are there additional benefits for larger corporate groups?
A: Larger groups enjoy customized team-building activities, optional company branding on jewelry, and special group rates to make corporate events memorable.

Our tiered pricing model is designed to make the unique experience of Sip and String Jewelry Making accessible to groups of all sizes, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the creativity, connection, and joy our parties bring. Contact us today to discuss your event and secure the best rate for your group. 

Details to Book Your Party

What's in Store for You

🌟 Bracelet Bar Stunning Stone Education: Let's uncover the magic of Mother Earth's gems together! We'll dive into the fascinating world of stones at our workshop. The instructors are amazing – they'll share all the cool stuff about each stone's history, symbolism, and even their healing vibes.

🌼 Crystal Cafe Bracelet Bar: Imagine a place filled with over 50 types of minerals and natural beads – that's our Bracelet Bar! It's like a dream come true for gem lovers. We can touch, pick, and choose our favorite stones for our creations.

Charming Creations: We'll get to make three super cute and unique charms. It’s all about putting our personal spin and intentions into each piece. They’ll be perfect little reminders of this incredible experience.

🎨 Unlimited Decorating Possibilities: Guess what? We get unlimited space to go wild with our decorations! Think of all the dazzling accessories and designs we can add to make each charm totally unique.

🍰 Indulgent Treats: And the best part? There are yummy treats and drinks! We can nibble on something sweet while sipping champagne or sparkling cider. It's going to be the perfect touch to our creative gemstone journey.

What to Expect

🕒 Time to Party: Around 2 hours of gem-filled fun.

🚪 Starting the Journey: We wait for everyone to arrive before diving in.

💎 Bracelet Bar Intro: We'll learn about all the gemstones at the start.

📿 Bead Selection: Take your time choosing 4 strands of beads, 3 charms, and as many spacers as you like.

🎨 Design Guide: We'll guide you on how to create a stunning bracelet.

🍾 Pop Bottles: Celebrate our creativity with some bubbly as we craft.

👭 Supportive Vibes: We're here to help, but your design is uniquely yours.

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