Sip & String Jewelry Party

Unlock Creativity and Empowerment:

Join Our Exclusive Sip & String Party Experience!

Discover the ultimate creative gathering with our Sip and String Private Parties, designed to bring together up to 12 guests for an unforgettable crafting experience. Perfect for those who value creativity, connection, and the art of jewelry making, our in-store events offer a cozy, intimate setting for friends, family, or colleagues to come together and unleash their creative spirits.

Tailored for Intimacy and Creativity
Our private parties are more than just a crafting session; they are a journey into the heart of self-expression and personal empowerment. Led by experienced artisans, each guest will learn the art of bracelet and earring making, delving into the meaningful world of empowerment stones. Choose from a variety of high-quality materials and unique stones that resonate with your personal story and aspirations.

Elevate Your Experience Onsite
For those seeking the convenience and comfort of their chosen venue, our Sip and String experience can come to you. We bring the magic of our private parties directly to your home, office, or any special location, ensuring you and your friends enjoy the perfect blend of craftsmanship and camaraderie in an environment that feels right for them.  Click here for more information on onsite parties. 

Sweet Treats, Bubbly, and More
Each private party comes with the option of delightful sweet treats and a choice between champagne or sparkling cider, adding a touch of elegance and celebration to your crafting adventure. It's the perfect way to relax, connect, and celebrate the joy of creating together.

Why Choose Us?

  • Personalized Experience: Tailor your party to fit your group’s preferences, ensuring a memorable and unique experience for each guest.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from skilled artisans who are passionate about crafting and empowerment through creativity.
  • Flexibility: Host your party in-store for a cozy, intimate setting, or let us bring the experience to your preferred location for added convenience.
  • All-Inclusive Packages: Enjoy comprehensive packages that include all materials, refreshments, and expert instruction, leaving you free to focus on the fun.

Ideal for birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties, team-building events, or simply a day out with friends, our Sip and String Private Parties promise an enriching experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Connect with us today to book your private party and embrace a day of creativity, empowerment, and unforgettable memories.

Book Your Private Party Today
Don't miss out on the opportunity to host a private Sip and String party that Ava and her friends would adore. Our slots fill up quickly, so reach out now to secure your date and get ready for an extraordinary crafting experience that will leave everyone feeling inspired, connected, and empowered.

Details to Book Your Party

What's in Store for You

🌟 Bracelet Bar Stunning Stone Education: Let's uncover the magic of Mother Earth's gems together! We'll dive into the fascinating world of stones at our workshop. The instructors are amazing – they'll share all the cool stuff about each stone's history, symbolism, and even their healing vibes.

🌼 Crystal Cafe Bracelet Bar: Imagine a place filled with over 50 types of minerals and natural beads – that's our Bracelet Bar! It's like a dream come true for gem lovers. We can touch, pick, and choose our favorite stones for our creations.

Charming Creations: We'll get to make three super cute and unique charms. It’s all about putting our personal spin and intentions into each piece. They’ll be perfect little reminders of this incredible experience.

🎨 Unlimited Decorating Possibilities: Guess what? We get unlimited space to go wild with our decorations! Think of all the dazzling accessories and designs we can add to make each charm totally unique.

🍰 Indulgent Treats: And the best part? There are yummy treats and drinks! We can nibble on something sweet while sipping champagne or sparkling cider. It's going to be the perfect touch to our creative gemstone journey.

What to Expect

🕒 Time to Party: Around 2 hours of gem-filled fun.

🚪 Starting the Journey: We wait for everyone to arrive before diving in.

💎 Bracelet Bar Intro: We'll learn about all the gemstones at the start.

📿 Bead Selection: Take your time choosing 4 strands of beads, 3 charms, and as many spacers as you like.

🎨 Design Guide: We'll guide you on how to create a stunning bracelet.

🍾 Pop Bottles: Celebrate our creativity with some bubbly as we craft.

👭 Supportive Vibes: We're here to help, but your design is uniquely yours.

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Captivating Moments from Our Sip & String Parties - A Visual Journey