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Unlocking Your Inner Powerhouse: Understanding Your Core Energy

Busy women, be it independent professionals, moms juggling a million tasks, or executives steering companies, often find themselves either overextending or under-utilizing their inner power. This core energy, often referred to in ancient wisdom, is like a mini sun within us, fueling our confidence, drive, and sense of purpose. Just like any powerhouse, it can be well-calibrated, overburdened, or underused.

Feeling Overwhelmed: Signs Your Inner Power is Overextended

Ever felt like you’re always the dominating voice in the room, or perhaps always needing to control outcomes? Maybe you've found yourself quickly getting irritated or constantly craving validation. Or perhaps you’ve experienced digestive issues without any medical explanation. These can be indicators that your inner power is on overdrive. It’s like pushing your car’s engine too hard – while it might seem effective momentarily, in the long run, it can lead to burnout.

Low on Energy: Symptoms of an Underused Core Power

On the flip side, maybe you’ve felt indecisive, lacking self-confidence, or found it hard to take action on your goals. Often, we might feel stuck or easily influenced by others. Physically, you might feel a lack of energy or warmth in the upper abdomen area. This suggests that your internal powerhouse isn’t being utilized enough, like a lantern dimly lit when it has the potential to shine brightly.


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Educate Yourself: The Delicate Balance

Understanding this energy balance is crucial. Think of it like a seesaw. On one end, we don't want to be too dominant, and on the other, we don't want to be too passive. We are aiming for that sweet spot in the middle – where we harness our energy effectively to lead with confidence, take action, and maintain harmony without burning ourselves out or dimming our light.

Finding Harmony: Tools for Balancing Your Core Energy

  1. Stones: Certain gemstones have been revered across cultures for their ability to help balance this core energy. Citrine, often referred to as the ‘merchant’s stone’, is known to boost confidence and clear negativity. Tiger’s Eye, with its beautiful bands, aids in making decisions with understanding, unclouded by emotions. And then there's Amber, which is believed to draw out negative energy and replace it with a sunny, positive one. Keeping these stones close, be it in jewelry or as a desk accessory, can help you tap into their balancing energies.  Check out our collection of Tiger's Eye and Citrine jewelry here. 

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  1. Sage: Smudging with sage is a tradition native to the Americas. Think of it as a 'spiritual house cleaning'. By burning dried sage leaves and letting the smoke waft around you, it’s believed to clear away any overbearing or stagnant energies, creating a fresh slate.

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  1. Essential Oils: Aromatherapy has a profound impact on our emotional and energetic state. Lemon oil can refresh and invigorate your spirit, promoting clarity and a bright outlook. Eucalyptus can help clear mental fatigue, and rosemary can boost mental clarity and confidence. Using these oils in diffusers or diluted on the skin can be a simple way to steer your energy back to its balanced state.

In this hectic world, your inner powerhouse needs attention just as much as your external commitments. By recognizing its states and using tools like stones, sage, and essential oils, you can maintain a balanced core energy, leading to a more harmonious, confident, and empowered life. Remember, it’s all about keeping that inner sun shining just right!